In VR: Sky Fine Foods - Video Screening
Sunday, November 1st, 2020
3:00 – 4:30pm EST

Miriam Arbus Sky Fine Foods Dying Planet

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#WatchingTogether In Spite of a Dying Planet

Can we move through the screen and towards each other?
Join Sky Fine Foods for an intimate virtual video screening.
Featuring: Annette Mangaard * Amanda Amour-Lynx * Patricia Dominguez * Brianna Lowe * Trudy Elmore * Hannah Neckel *
#WatchingTogether in Spite of a Dying Planet, presents an introspective journey through the melancholy of our damaged environment. Through diverse forms of performance, video, film, and 3D animation, we are transported into new ecologies, provoking reconnection with nature and land-based knowledges. Situated in our device mediated context the ‘natural physical’ becomes yet another reality amongst the many we are shifting between. We invite participants to meet in digital presence, traversing the interconnections of online gatherings.
Co-presented by Vector Festival, Interaccess media art festival, 2020
Sky Fine Foods invites you to join an special video screening in VR. Put on your VR headset and join or watch the Livestream.

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