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Art Gate was started with a simple idea; that it should be easier to access international art events, regardless of physical location. Our virtual art district is a world where galleries are visited by art lovers from around the globe, experiencing art and connecting with each other. We see exhibition openings and events attended by visitors from many continents, gathered together in a virtual room talking, learning, and sharing ideas around art. This is a world of greater cultural exchange, understanding, and appreciation. This world exists today, and you can join by putting on a VR headset.
Consider how a VR headset costs less than a single international flight. This is where the access comes from. There is a lower barrier to entry to international art events when you reimagine how people enter an art gallery. 
Welcome to a world where the arts are dynamic, available, and far more accessible. Come see for yourself what we are talking about. Words can’t describe the feeling of presence you have while standing in a gallery surrounded by art, and for the first time shaking someone’s hand that is halfway around the world. Join us in our journey of making the arts more accessible.



Brendon McNaughton

Co-Founder & CEO

Previously founder of art production startup

20+ years in the arts 

10+ years exhibiting internationally

Justin O'Heir

Co-Founder & CTO

15+ years in Tech/Entertainment Industry 

8+ years VR development and content creation

Founded and exited an artist management company

Art Gate


Rob Tyrie


Davinder Pal Singh